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Napalm sticks to little kids!

2008-11-18 17:26:39 by daperson1

Today i went to hell.

I published my first audio submission here, and it is, shall we say, unorthadox. I'll let you make up your own minds.
But suffice it to say, it is some guy in my class singing a very unusual song.

It also happens to be the funniest thing since sliced bread.
Take a look: /188384 /188573


2008-03-09 10:54:28 by daperson1

In case anybody's interested, i'm currently working on a couple of projects - a flash based drawing program, finalising the file hosting system and making someone's server config work :p. Yays.
I'll be more active as soon as i dig myself out from under this pile of work.

Madnip File Server

2008-02-18 12:45:05 by daperson1

Hey! Quick news post to tell y'all about my newest project - the Madnip File Server. It's a great little program i'm brewing up, it will let you store any of myour files securly online with the click of a button - they're encrypted, and the whole world can access them (if you want them to, that is.).

Bod Pop is go!

2008-01-06 15:35:57 by daperson1

Yesterday, the second decent thing with my name on it got submitted to the portal, BodPop.
You may notice that i didn't submit it myself, but some other person did, the story surrounding that is a rather interesting one, especially when you consider that i'm actually a 14 year old with a strange hobby.
It all started around two weeks ago, when i decided to improve my programming skills by learning AS3, and using FlashDevelop to make better games than before, to this end, i made Ballz, an experimental, and probably rather blammable creation, meant more as a programming exercise than an attempt to make anything decent.
So, mostly as a joke, i decided to submit it to the rather useful new flash game marketplace website type thing i'd recently discovered, Flash Game License, in a half-hearted attempt to get some money for it.
Then something rather amazing happened; i logged in a few days later to discove that somebody wanted to buy it and had offered me $1000 for my work. Obviously i accepted the offer, and pretty soon (well, after about a day actually by the time we'd finished tweaking the contract and getting Dad to give me his bank details...) it was all organised, and i sent off the source code to these guys.
That evening, they posted BodPop here and many other places, and now it's strewn all across the web - a rather popular flash game for which the concept came froum a fourteen year old who was bored and spent a boring saturday afternoon doing some recreational programming.
To me, this is further proof that almost anything is possible to anyone who tries, the erlier proof being the success of Brick!3, my previous game which made ofer $100 of ad revenue in the first month.
So anyway, everybody go and have fun playing my games, hopefully i'll find time to do some more at some point, in between school and the website contract i'm currently in the middle of.
Thanks for reading!


2007-12-05 17:27:13 by daperson1

More than 32k hits on Brick!3 today!

Brck!3 is go!

2007-11-25 17:33:32 by daperson1

I finally got my first decent game out - worty of a news post. Enjoy everyone!